Counting Down the Rollercoasters!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So Why Rollercoasters?

Ronan Keating sang "Life is a rollercoaster, just got to ride it" and turning 40 was just that - full of ups and downs, but you keep your hands in the air and ultimately you are thrilled by the experience! I love rollercoasters; the anticipation of the wait, the journey through the storyline, the expectation of what you think is going to happen and then the buzz when you get off and want to run right around and ride it again! Just like life.

But this blog and adventure is about more than just riding 40 rollercoasters for my 40th birthday. Its about life, love, friendships, adventures, and laughter. So expect the odd update from my wonderful travelling companions without whom I would not be able to have the experience of a lifetime.

So jump on board, make sure your safety harness is secure and smile for the camera!


  1. I can't wait to share your ride of a lifetime!!! Two more sleeps and I'll be at LAX to pick you up! Yippee! Happy 40th Carolyn!!!

  2. C'mon c'mon... where's the first US ride??

  3. I'm with Bec! Waiting, not very patiently, for the first US based rollercoaster ride.

  4. About time for rollercoaster ride #5. Wow, sounds like you are having a terrific time and what great hosts Patty and Greg were. Chicago here we come.